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A Fighter for Public Education and Better Schools:

Nikki Haley has declared war on public education in South Carolina. She has vetoed more than $110 million in funding for public schools. She’s consistently supported a scheme that would divert tax dollars from public schools to elite private academies.

Marlon Kimpson knows this is not acceptable. He’ll oppose any attempt to use school vouchers to send our tax dollars to exclusive private schools.

Marlon Kimpson attended public schools. He believes in public schools. Marlon Kimpson will FIGHT for our public schools.

A Fighter for S.C. Workers and Jobs:

Marlon Kimpson understands that unions are about a simple proposition: By joining together, working women and men gain strength in numbers so they can have a voice at work. This allows them to negotiate for fair and safe workplaces, better wages, a secure retirement, and family-friendly policies such as paid sick leave and flexible scheduling hours.

Many in the legislature want to stifle the voices of working people in this state by not allowing them to organize or join unions.

Like he’s done his entire career, Marlon Kimpson will FIGHT to protect working men and women and their families.

A Fighter for the Environment:

Marlon knows that South Carolina’s natural resources are an irreplaceable part of our economy, our history and our culture. He will FIGHT for programs like the South Carolina Conservation Bank that has permanently protected almost 200,000 acres of land.

Marlon will FIGHT to protect water quality, encourage advances in energy efficiency and renewable power such as wind and solar, and oppose efforts to shut citizens out of the regulatory process.

Marlon believes that economic development and conservation are not at odds with one another. Properly aligned, they represent parallel paths toward a prosperous future.

A Fighter for Racial and Gender Diversity

Marlon will be a strong advocate for racial and gender diversity on all public boards of higher education and state boards and commissions. There is overwhelming evidence that shows good governance results from diverse boards, but South Carolina is still playing catch-up on diversity — even among other Southern states. It’s time for our state to take a leading role instead of resigning ourselves to our customary position at the back of the line.

A Fighter for Health Care and Medicaid Expansion:

President Obama wants to send South Carolina millions of dollars to expand Medicaid. This would help provide health care coverage for more than 300,000 of our state’s poorest residents.

Even though there is little or no cost to taxpayers, many in the legislature are refusing to accept the funding and trying to block health coverage for our citizens.

Marlon Kimpson will FIGHT to change this. He understands that we have a moral obligation to make sure those who are sick receive medical treatment. That’s why he will fight for the funding to expand health care coverage.

Now is the time for a FIGHTER. Now is the time for a LIFE LONG PUBLIC SERVANT. Now is the time for MARLON KIMPSON.

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Marlon E. Kimpson
Telephone: (843) 216-0199
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