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SC shootings with 4 or more victims up since Emanuel murders

The-Greenville-News-LogoCOLUMBIA — South Carolina shootings in which at least four people have been injured or killed have increased since the murders of nine people at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston last summer, according to a review of records by The Greenville News.

The Charleston murders, which shocked the state and nation, were seen as unique because of the number of victims killed, the randomness of the act and what authorities said was the racist motive involved.

A flurry of gun-control legislation was pushed or filed after the murders and the state was praised for the way it addressed the shootings with prayers, talk of racial reconciliation, forgiveness by the victims’ families and the removal of the Confederate flag from the Statehouse grounds. Read more ›

Is a minimum wage raise good for S.C.?

gsaBusinessLogo_The New Jersey State Assembly is in the midst of a debate to raise that state’s minimum wage to $15 per hour by 2021. That state is already one of 29 states plus the District of Columbia to have a higher minimum wage than the federally mandated rate of $7.25 per hour.

New York and California have recently enacted measures to set their minimum wages at $15 per hour within specific timeframes, while 11 states tie their minimum wage with the cost of living adjustments.

South Carolina, on the other hand, will not be one of those states anytime soon.

A bill introduced by state Sen. Marlon Kimpson, D-Charleston, would have raised the state’s minimum wage to $15 per hour by 2020 and put the state’s wage on an index after Jan. 1, 2021. That bill failed in a Senate subcommittee, essentially killing the legislation for this year. Read more ›

Greenville News: Is SC more progressive now that the bathroom bill has been defeated?

The-Greenville-News-LogoCOLUMBIA — With the defeat of the bathroom bill in the South Carolina Senate, some are wondering if the state is now more progressive than its northern neighbor, which remains vexed by the law North Carolina lawmakers passed earlier this year.

Read more ›

Post & Courier: Sen. Marlon Kimpson wants to introduce a little common sense to gun debate

Post & CourierBy Brian Hicks

State Sen. Marlon Kimpson is no fool.

He’s not some starry-eyed idealist living in fantasyland, naïve to political reality.

But some people probably will think that, since last week he announced plans to push for tougher gun laws for South Carolina.

Political watchers know that most elected officials run for cover anytime someone has the temerity to suggest anything that could be construed as infringing on the Second Amendment. Read more ›

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