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Marlon Kimpson has dedicated much of his life to fighting for those who’ve been wronged by corporations and organizations that put profits over people. As a Senator in the South Carolina General Assembly, Marlon Kimpson fights with this same level of tenacity and commitment to enact laws to improve the health, education and economic well-being of the residents of Senate District 42 and all South Carolinians.


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  • Gender Diversity
  • Healthcare
  • Medicaid Expansion


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3 hours ago
Republican lawmakers pick Chris Fraser for Charleston school board vacancy

This should not have been a partisan vote. In my view, Eric Jackson was clearly the better candidate. He had policy positions, backed by grassroots community groups, parents and teachers. ... See more

In a partisan split, nearly every Republican member of the Charleston County legislative delegation voted to select commercial real estate broker Chris Fraser to fill a vacant seat on the

2 days ago
Photos from State Senator Marlon Kimpson's post

Beto O’Rourke’s in Charleston...and we are about to get started with the first in a series of Presidential Town Hall meetings...#roadto2020

3 days ago

A giant tree has fallen. Rev. Dr. Willie Givens, we thank you for your service to humanity and the wise counsel you have provided me and many others in public service. You will be dearly missed by ... See more

3 days ago
Senator Marlon Kimpson - 3.21.2018

I took the fight to the floor of the Senate yesterday after my bill got hijacked for a Republican candy version to pander to the far right. I’m not deterred. We will continue the fight to close ... See more

Senator Marlon Kimpson speaks on the South Carolina Senate floor about extended background checks in Bill 154.

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