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Marlon Kimpson has dedicated much of his life to fighting for those who’ve been wronged by corporations and organizations that put profits over people. As a Senator in the South Carolina General Assembly, Marlon Kimpson fights with this same level of tenacity and commitment to enact laws to improve the health, education and economic well-being of the residents of Senate District 42 and all South Carolinians.


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2 hours ago

Great visit with US Senator Kamala Harris this morning in my office. I was impressed by her command of the issues and her humility. Looking forward to talking to all of the Democratic Presidential ... See more

1 day ago

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1 day ago
Democrats demand detailed plans for defeating Trump in 2020

"I do believe as we work through this process, they will have to offer the strategy on the Electoral College," said South Carolina Democratic state Sen. Marlon Kimpson. ... See more

Democratic presidential candidates have spent the first weeks of the 2020 campaign largely ignoring President Donald Trump. But voters and activists are eager to hear their plans to defeat him.

2 days ago
South Carolina senators delay mental patient transport bill

Good input at subcommittee today. The delay is a temporary obstacle but I agreed to it only to improve the final product. We move forward doing the heavy lifting of raising the awareness of how we ... See more

A group of senators say a proposal to overhaul how mental health patients are transported in South Carolina needs more work.

2 days ago
A look into how Charleston County deputies transports mental health patients

There will be a subcommittee meeting tomorrow morning at 9:30 am in the Gressette Senate Office Building on the mental health transport bill that we worked on this summer. I am attempting to bring ... See more

A bill filed in response to the drowning deaths of two mental health patients last year is hoping to change the way mental health patients are transported in the state.

3 days ago
In the 12 months since Parkland, almost 1,200 young lives have been lost to gun violence

Wake up everybody!

Find out statistics on the number of US gun related deaths of teens and children since Nikolas Cruz killed 17 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High in Parkland. On the school shooting anniversary, 1,200 ... See more

3 days ago
‘It’s become so normal’: 39 South Carolina kids and teens killed by guns in last year

The dim prospects for the bill, and the low turnout didn’t discourage State Sen. Marlon Kimpson, D-Charleston who is sponsoring the bill along with Sen. Greg Gregory, R-Lanacaster. “You’ve got ... See more

Gun violence killed at least 39 SC kids and teens in the last year. Guns are a leading cause of death in another category of youth gun deaths - suicides. But gun and firearm legislation, including ... See more

4 days ago
Former Charleston lawman who helped pave way for other African-Americans dies at 80

Humbled to offer remarks at Mr. Strobel’s funeral over the weekend. A giant tree has indeed fallen. ... See more

To those who knew him, Fred Stroble was a Charleston icon.

5 days ago
Opinion: Why Greenville, state must address affordable housing crisis

Excellent piece on affordable housing!

Op-ed from Jalen Elrod, a Greenville Democratic Party leader, about the need for Greenville and S.C. to address the affordable housing 'crisis'

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